The Oneplus brand is gaining its place as a highly preferred brand amongst the smartphone users. This is for obvious reasons that it is equipped with some advanced features as compared to the ordinary counterparts. It has great storage capacity and it also has some innovative features like motion sensor and heart rate monitor. If you are planning to buy Oneplus smart phone, then you need to consider few important factors to purchase it:

The Oneplus Nord CE 5g for example oneplus nord ce 5g comes with two storage options slots for either SMS or MMS and USB drive. The former is expandable so that you can add further text messages or pictures; the latter is expandable with a capacity of one or two gigabytes. The OSD interface gives you an overview of your usage on the phone and also informs you about the speed and battery life. You get to see your call logs and also see the memory status of the device.

The Oneplus Nord CE also comes with the Oneplus S app which makes it a very attractive smartphone. You can easily upload images and videos from your camera and also manage your contacts and set reminders. You get to see the time and date of your appointment and also you get to set an alarm. The Android system allows you to access the Oneplus Nordic CE card slot.

The phone has a total of five variants the gold colour, silver colour, black and two colours in the top and bottom. There is a unique pre-order feature from Google whereby you can enter your name on the list of buyers before the product is shipped. The name of the buyer is on the debit card which is inserted during the payment process and this means that there is no way you can be cheated. The phone has a USB mini cable which helps in charging the cell phone and when the battery gets low you can plug the cable into the USB mini.

The phone comes with features like voice dialing, internet browser, gyrophone, image viewer, video player, and calculator. The Oneplus Nordic has a very high quality camera which makes it one of the best cheap phones available in the market. You can also connect to the internet using your Wi-Fi which is a great advantage over the others. You can also use the default ring tones and if you want to change them you can do so.

The phone comes with a skin care solution which is very good for removing dead skin cells. This skin care solution comes with a cleaning pad as well as a mirror which can be adjusted according to your facial shape. The Oneplus Nordic has a very large memory and the software allows you to add up to two hundred and fifty numbers. There is a notification center which allows you to receive text messages, emails and even voice calls. You can also connect to the internet with the help of a USB cable and this is one of the best features of the Oneplus Nordic CE.